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Every story has a beginning

Domood was created to offer quality of life and independence to those looking for it. Young people struggling with university life and their first work experiences often find themselves choosing housing solutions that fall short of their expectations. Domood wants to be the solution to their desire to live in a healthy, sustainable and comfortable way. They represent the future, and as such they must be able to express their potential in the best conditions.

Domood comes from the union of two words, as well as concepts, which are full of value for us. On the one hand “domus”, from the Latin word meaning “home”: a place where you can fully feel like yourself. On the other hand "mood", meaning emotions. Domood therefore means experiencing your emotions in an environment that is home, wherever it may be. In fact, we believe that it is important to offer spaces that give young people the opportunity to express themselves and feel welcomed.

A pinch of uniqueness

We are not wizards, but we do magic. Our hands turn rooms and apartments into the ideal spaces for students and young workers.

The property owners who rely on us are worry-free thanks to our turnkey solutions: we work with them in every operational and financial phase to enhance their homes, also from a green perspective, and we guarantee a constant income over time. Finally, we offer our investors solutions to put their capital into real estate with guaranteed income.

We are familiar and easy to deal with

We take a caring approach. We support property owners throughout the renovation process, including from a financial perspective. We keep our investors updated, showing them all the news from our world. We support young renters with smart home management solutions. And most importantly, we don't ask them for any commissions or deposits.

The Founder

Nicola Carlin

My name is Nicola and I'm the founder of Domood. I was born in Trento in 1980, and after having worked from when I was 15 in various sectors, I graduated in Civil Engineering.
In 2009, the earthquake in L' Aquila clearly highlighted the need for earthquake-proof, sustainable housing solutions, which led me to participate in a working group that created the first quality certification in Italy for wooden buildings, called ARCA.
After a long journey full of interventions and courses in the field of sustainable construction, I had developed the idea for a new and exciting project based on my own experiences. University life and my first work experiences in other cities made me aware of the great difficulty young people have finding quality housing. Thus Domood was created, a project I fully believe in, which also represents the future. It is based on the conviction that young people are the future of this country and therefore deserve the best opportunities - also and above all housing - to express themselves.