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Begin a new chapter with Domood.

New city, new house, new room. And while changes are scary, your new home certainly doesn't have to be. Our rooms meet high-quality standards, in terms of both aesthetics and sustainability. And you won't have to give us any commissions or deposits in order to get them. We only ask for a one-off payment which will cover all your housing needs for the entire duration of the contract, from contract management to routine maintenance, up to 24-hour assistance from one of our Room Managers.
You can choose a Smart room equipped with a single bed, bedside table, wardrobe, bookcase, desk with chair and TV connections. Or a Premium room, which also includes a sofa and a TV.

But that's not all:
Domood has many surprises in store
for you.

Our proposal includes an all-inclusive package that solves any possible home management and payment problems. What does this mean? That bills, WiFi and condominium expenses will no longer be your concern. No, that’s not a joke.